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    這是五分鐘英文ppt,包括了The Benefits of Sandstorm,The Benefits of Thunderstorm(雷暴),The Benefits of earthquake,The Benefits of volcano等內容,歡迎點擊下載。


    For a long time , when people talk about natural disasters people think of the negative effects they bring , but today I want to introduce their benefits . On the one hand sandstorm cause air pollution , on the other hand sandstorm purify (凈化)the air. Because there is high levels of aerosol (鈣)in the dust , which have a neutralizing effect on air pollutants. The Benefits of Sandstorm Sandstorm bring dust to make up for the areas which lack of soil . For an examples ,if without the Sahara desert sandstorm ,the Amazon forest would be a lawn. The Benefits of Thunderstorm(雷暴) Lightning can produce very high temperature , which can change the nitrogen(氮元素)of the air into nitrogen fertilizer. The Benefits of Thunderstorm(雷暴) Lightning is a non-polluting energy and it can release 1~10 billion joules of energy . Although people can use a small portion of this energy ,the day will come that people totally control it . The Benefits of earthquake The earthquake cause the ground fracture ,ground rising form at broken hill ,ground sinking form at the lake.(地震使地層斷裂,斷裂上升處形成斷山塊,下沉處成凹陷湖)So,earthquake created a lot of natural beauty. The Benefits of earthquake The earthquake push the minerals buried in the earth to the surface of the earth, such as gold . People use earthquake to explore oil. The Benefits of volcano Ash is an excellent natural fertilizer .Cuba’s rich sugar cane and central America ‘s rich fruits are related to the contributions of volcano. Summary People can take advantage of the benefits of natural disasters to reduce their harm. I even hope that there will be a day that natural disasters become welfares.

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